Sustainable Sovereign Cosmos Layer 1 Ecosystem

Kujira CosmosSDK based Blockchain

Kujira is a semi-permissioned sovereign Cosmos Layer 1 platform for community selected projects that create true value. Start here to learn more about the Kujira Ecosystem

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Kujira $USK is a native Cosmos overcollateralized stablecoin soft-pegged to the US dollar, backed by $ATOM & $DOT. $ETH & $BTC soon(tm).

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How to bring Axelar-USDC to Kujira

USDC on Kujira is Axelar-wrapped. If you have USDC on Ethereum, you can bridge it directly to Kujira with the Axelar bridge: https://satellite.money.

On other chains, you can swap your USDC to axlUSDC to bridge it to Kujira, using these Curve.fi (https://curve.fi) factories:

🔗 Avalanche:

Swap USDC.e to axlUSDC: https://avax.curve.fi/factory/59

🔗 Polygon:

Swap USDC to axlUSDC: https://polygon.curve.fi/factory/221

🔗 Fantom:

Swap USDC to axlUSDC: https://ftm.curve.fi/factory/85

🔗 BSC:

Swap BUSD to axlUSDC: https://ellipsis.finance (https://ellipsis.finance/pool/0x6731D8ce7C52FEc9136cf3b7d122C032C46fF58f)