Kujira Proposal 276

No with Veto
"@type": "/cosmos.params.v1beta1.ParameterChangeProposal"
title: Enable stATOM Oracle Feeds
- key: Whitelist
  value: |-
            { "name": "ATOM" },
            { "name": "BTC" },
            { "name": "ETH" },
            { "name": "DOT" },
            { "name": "BNB" },
            { "name": "LUNA" },
            { "name": "WBTC" },
            { "name": "PAXG" },
            { "name": "STATOM" }
  subspace: oracle
description: 'This will add Stride''s liquid staked stATOM to the on-chain Oracle
  price-feed, allowing it to be used for a collateral type for USK. For validators:
  use [tag v0.1.0 of the price feeder](https://github.com/Team-Kujira/oracle-price-feeder/releases/tag/v0.1.0).
  This version has been upgraded by mintthemoon and starsquid to support pricing of
  LSD assets, back-tested against the bLUNA-LUNA exchange rate, including the UST
  depeg event. N.B: this version uses Cosmos SDK 0.46, which migrates locally stored
  keys, making them incompatible with SDK 0.45 binaries including kujirad 0.7.1, so
  backup your keys accordingly. For using twvap calculation, a new option ''history_db''
  needs to be set in the price feeder config (consult the config.example.toml in the
  repo or [https://gist.github.com/starsquidnodes](https://gist.github.com/starsquidnodes))'
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