Kujira Proposal 204

No with Veto
  admin: kujira10d07y265gmmuvt4z0w9aw880jnsr700jt23ame
  - addr: kujira1whsm9rsxac8tqnyy0vun8r0pg07j7ncp65p5w6
    weight: 1
    identity: ryanlion
  - addr: kujira1kcekmspvtscuglr3rfmmq82r64fsqwvsj9kpl0
    weight: 1
    identity: togwos
  - addr: kujira1csg7c3mgqczgg4sjc9v3vxlcea6nqxvr59sy23
    weight: 1
    identity: daniel_lux
  - addr: kujira1n9uxw8r2nnfcrwhwt5q3gu285ppgmansp3xngg
    weight: 1
    identity: qalivus
  - addr: kujira1re4adwnyqjaxwvjaxu9rxlrw8elxtdqdrdtcv7
    weight: 1
    identity: maximusd12
  - addr: kujira10vdjxvlf5t087h48h0sa05l9wwe3sxf0er0ws2
    weight: 1
    identity: oldboy_kuji
  - addr: kujira1hsgttxwt7t28adu5q7a70ez0vz357tx0c08nzh
    weight: 1
    identity: xulian
  - addr: kujira1670dvuv348eynr9lsmdrhqu3g7vpmzx9ma654e
    weight: 1
    identity: pfc_validator
  - addr: kujira13hzr05nhvtafxdf725l7n8j62fvmfvuaakve9c
    weight: 1
    identity: technologypoet
  max_weight: 9
  min_weight: 5
"@type": "/cosmwasm.wasm.v1.InstantiateContractProposal"
admin: kujira1ghmq7k50rwpsnye39aefngd2k7x9kc2hrqq5xd
funds: []
label: 'Senate: CW3 Group'
title: Create Senate CW3 Group Contract
run_as: kujira1ghmq7k50rwpsnye39aefngd2k7x9kc2hrqq5xd
code_id: '80'
description: This will instantiate the CW3 Group contract for the Kujira Senate, and
  is responsible only for maintaining the current list of Senators. Source for this
  contract is available [here](https://github.com/Team-Kujira/senate/tree/main/contracts/cw4-group).
  The contract admin is set to the [chain governance module](https://docs.kujira.app/developers/core-module-accounts#gov),
  so that only chain governance proposals may add or remove members. Once this contract
  is deployed, we can deploy the CW4-flex-multisig contract, configured to use this
  CW3 contract as its permitted voter list. That CW4 will be the one that holds the
  community funds, and where proposals are submitted and voted on.
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