Kujira Proposal 19

No with Veto
"@type": "/cosmos.params.v1beta1.ParameterChangeProposal"
title: Governance Parameter Changes
- key: votingparams
  value: '{ "voting_period": "172800000000000" }'
  subspace: gov
- key: depositparams
  value: |-
            "min_deposit": [{ "denom": "ukuji", "amount": "10000000000" }]
  subspace: gov
description: |-
  This proposal seeks to make two gov parameter changes; 1. To increase the voting period of a proposal to 48h, and 2. To increase the deposit requirement to 10,000 KUJI per proposal.

  The voting period change is designed to give stakers and validators more time to consider new proposals after submission, as the current 24h window is too short.

  The deposit change is designed to protect against spam proposals, and will allow the Kujira community to use the proposal deposit interface at https://blue.kujira.app, where multiple wallets can contribute to the deposit for a single proposal.
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