Kujira Proposal 185

No with Veto
"@type": "/cosmos.gov.v1beta1.TextProposal"
title: 'Senate candidate: VANESSA HARRIS'
description: "\nVANESSA HARRIS is running for a position on the new Kujira Senate.
  Use this proposal as an opportunity to signal whether you'd like to see them as
  a member of The Senate, or not.\n\nThe final Senate will be made up of no more than
  9 members, however you should vote for as many or as few\ncandidates as you'd like
  to see represent the comminity. The top 9 by total yes votes will instantiate the
  first version of The Senate.\n\n## Bio\n\nVanessa is an experienced Product Leader
  with more than 20 years founding and leading products at Google and Microsoft. For
  the last two years she has led products in Web3 digital identity and DeFi for a
  number of Web3 startups. She is also an advisor to three Web3 projects: Kavarii,
  a decentralized video streaming service built on MultiversX; Valorize DAO, a suite
  of tools for DAOs on the Ethereum network; and a stealth NFT project launching on
  Ethereum in early 2023.\n\n## Related Experience\n\nVanessa has broad DeFi experience
  across a number of crypto ecosystems including Cosmos, Luna, Cardano, MultiversX,
  Polygon, Ethereum and of course Kujira. She brings a familiarity with algorithmic
  stablecoins, automated market makers, crypto onramps and offramps, decentralized
  lending and borrowing, and token launchpads. Much of her experience has been shared
  through her Youtube Channel, Just Crypto, as well as on Twitter. She is also proficient
  in the crucial crypto skill of meme making.  \n\n## Personal Statement\n\nCrypto
  is important because it allows for true ownership, transactions without a trusted
  intermediary, anonymity, transparent verification, equal access, freedom from government
  control and sound, predictable money. We're on the cusp of creating a new financial
  system that is more fair, more accessible. Yet we are beset on every side with centralized
  ponzi schemes, cash grabs disguised as businesses and DeFi reliant on inflationary
  tokenomics to survive. A decentralized economy needs decentralized money. It also
  needs to grow up. Kujira brings grown up DeFi and grown up governance to the Web3
  economy. The Kujira team has shown resilience through the greatest of storms and
  is building at a rapid pace with a best in class user experience. Most importantly
  they displayed strength of character in offering KUJI holders one for one redemption
  on the new Kujira blockchain after Luna collapsed. I believe my skills, experience
  and passion can help Kujira bring grown up DeFi to the Cosmos and beyond. I would
  be honored if you would consider me for the position of Senator.\n        "
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