Kujira Proposal 180

No with Veto
"@type": "/cosmos.gov.v1beta1.TextProposal"
title: 'Senate candidate: RYAN'
description: "\nRYAN is running for a position on the new Kujira Senate. Use this
  proposal as an opportunity to signal whether you'd like to see them as a member
  of The Senate, or not.\n\nThe final Senate will be made up of no more than 9 members,
  however you should vote for as many or as few\ncandidates as you'd like to see represent
  the comminity. The top 9 by total yes votes will instantiate the first version of
  The Senate.\n\n## Bio\n\nCrypto OG with a finance background\n\n## Related Experience\n\nDeFi
  OG\n\n## Personal Statement\n\nI'm looking to represent the community's best interest.\n
  \       "
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