Kujira Proposal 174

No with Veto
"@type": "/cosmos.gov.v1beta1.TextProposal"
title: 'Senate candidate: MAXIMUS (KUJIKAST)'
description: "\nMAXIMUS (KUJIKAST) is running for a position on the new Kujira Senate.
  Use this proposal as an opportunity to signal whether you'd like to see them as
  a member of The Senate, or not.\n\nThe final Senate will be made up of no more than
  9 members, however you should vote for as many or as few\ncandidates as you'd like
  to see represent the comminity. The top 9 by total yes votes will instantiate the
  first version of The Senate.\n\n## Bio\n\n1 half of the dynamic duo KujiKast. The
  Bigger and stronger one, will wrestle any man alive brother\n\n## Related Experience\n\nI've
  been in crypto since 2015 through the good and bad which has led to me creating
  many White Papers and becoming part of a Latam-based crypto project helping design
  tokenomics and marketing which ended up being funded in the 10's of millions of
  dollars over the last few years. Ive also help run a private seed group that would
  look into up-and-coming projects in the crypto space with negotiating the pricing
  for their seed rounds.\n\n## Personal Statement\n\nI've been involved with Kujira
  pre-IDO era with being part of KujiKast it is my duty to look into every single
  project being mentioned and reach out to see what their future plans are. Having
  Kujira succeed is all I care about being a part of the senate would be a great task
  to take on. Love You\n        "
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