Kujira Proposal 173

No with Veto
"@type": "/cosmos.gov.v1beta1.TextProposal"
title: 'Senate candidate: KUJIMONSTA'
description: "\nKUJIMONSTA is running for a position on the new Kujira Senate. Use
  this proposal as an opportunity to signal whether you'd like to see them as a member
  of The Senate, or not.\n\nThe final Senate will be made up of no more than 9 members,
  however you should vote for as many or as few\ncandidates as you'd like to see represent
  the comminity. The top 9 by total yes votes will instantiate the first version of
  The Senate.\n\n## Bio\n\n7 years in crypto leading and building community, spearheading
  business development and running growth for a number of crypto projects. At the
  moment I have a full time exec role (leading a team of 15) at a top crypto project.\n\n##
  Related Experience\n\nI started studying psychology but finished with a degree in
  economics and finance. Worked across different functions in crypto, from business,
  growth, community and product. I've worked with founders from at least 400 projects
  in the last 2 years in functions and areas mentioned above. I am and have been managing
  relationships with key developers, users, investors, marketers and researchers.
  I've interacted with most dApps on Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism,
  Cosmos chains, Polkadot, BNB Chain, Tron, Fantom, Moonbeam and Harmony. Degen at
  heart.\n\n## Personal Statement\n\nI had been using ORCA on Terra and followed Kujira
  since. Put a lot of my funds into the project after their L1 launch and ran Twitter
  campaigns, out of my own pocket, to grow my account and the Kujira community with
  it. Ran campaigns with Kuji Kast, Kujirans and soon Comdex, and others that will
  contribute value to Kujiras ecosystem.\n        "
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