Mirror Protocol

Mirror Protocol allows the creation of fungible assets, β€œsynthetics”, that track the price of real world assets. Mirror synthetics are intended to be used as key building blocks in smart contracts, and to bring the world’s assets to the blockchain.

Orion Protocol

Kujira Protocols


TerraFloki Protocol

Anchor Protocol

Anchor Savings Protocol - Anchor savings has no minimum deposits, account freezes, or signup requirements - it can be used by anyone in the world with access to the internet.

White Whale

Arbitrage Platform built on Terra

Terraswap AMM Pools

Terraswap AMM Pools

Spectrum Protocol

Terra Ecosystem Yield Optimizer

LoTerra Protocol

LoTerra, a decentralized lottery regulated by a smart contract and managed by LOTA holders.

Altered Protocol

Altered protocol is an Elastic token that means the supply can be altered algorithmically by expanding or contracting

Pylon Protocol

Sustainable transactions between users and creators. Pylon unlocks a new suite of options for payments, patronage, investments, rentals, and savings. Pylon is a principal-protected payment product where users can finance recurring services via stablecoin deposits and consistent interest payouts.


gamified launchpads for Terra

Apollo DAO

Yield Management Platform Built by DeFi Users for DeFi Users

Valkyrie Protocol

Amplify Your Reach. Earn Endless Rewards.

Stader Staking

Loop DEX Protocol

Prism Protocol


Bringing yield to millions of users

Mars Protocol

Lend, borrow and earn with an autonomous credit protocol on the Terra blockchain. Open to all.Closed to none.


The next evolution in DEXes


Nexus Protocol

Maximize your yields in the Terra ecosystem with Terra’s first yield optimizer and liquidation protector vaults

Edge Protocol

The first community-based lending market on Terra