🦁 Lion DAO 🔥 PyROARmaniac DAO

The $pyROAR token is just for fun and something for the pyROARmaniacs in the community to be able to use as a vehicle for their burning obsessions. Learn more about the PyROARmaniacs DAO.

Indexing of all $ROAR sent to the LionDAO Terra Treasury. The DAO will burn 10x up to 8B a month.
To participate send $ROAR to the LION DAO Terra Treasury terra17c6ts8grcfrgquhj3haclg44le8s7qkx6l2yx33acguxhpf000xqhnl3je

Round #9 - June Burn

community burned 18'800'026 $ROAR
Lion DAO will burn an additional 188'000'262 $ROAR 🔥🔥🔥
Rank Sender Burned $ROAR %
1 terra1za...mwpp terra1zaq3ghh7fmggw8sjsfscmhha7rnrq5cndsmwpp 16'514'076.000000 87.84 %
2 terra18u...pg7k terra18uxn7hug20nke4srsgjvys8vgm2jlaxmatpg7k 2'285'950.178714 12.16 %

Total Burned $ROAR: 18'800'026.178714

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